August 20, 2014

Memories of Chandrakant Bakshi (Niel Kaustubh Patel)

ચંદ્રકાંત બક્ષીના મિત્ર ડૉ. કૌસ્તુભ પટેલના પુત્ર નીલ પટેલે અંગ્રેજીમાં બક્ષીજી સાથેના સંસ્મરણો વિશે લખ્યું છે એના અંશો: (તત્ત્વમ પટેલ દ્વારા સંપાદિત 'બક્ષી અને અમે' પુસ્તકમાંથી)

It evokes a great pride when I say I knew Mr. Chandrakant Bakshi. He was a great person and a great author. I have known him in recent times. I met him and I was surprised that he knew a lot bit of other languages. I was fond of him and when I talked with him I saw his witty humor. He was such a famous person but I saw humbleness in him instead of pride.

Just before seven days of his passing away we were at the 'Grand Bhagwati' hotel having dinner with him. My mother was talking with Riva aunty while I was talking to him. The person playing piano arrived and they both talked like friends; his ability to strike a rapport with any person made him different. We talked about history, books etc. We met at U.K. and had a nice time with him. I remember that every time we went out he always found a friend or a fan. He was kind to all persons and he talked to everybody so nicely that it was difficult not to like him.

He showed me his library which contains his written books and so many other books. There are books on literature and Times yearbook. He talked to me as a friend and I liked that a lot. There was no perception of age difference between us.

There was something that still makes me remember him. It was a shock when I heard of his death. He was really a great man but I will also miss him as my friend. 

- Niel Kaustubh Patel

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